Let's be honest


How do we calculate our prices and what makes the real difference 

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Love for details


Clean finishing of garments such as swimwear isn't always an easy job. Sometimes we had to change patterns or alter inner construction to ensure perfectly made pieces that feel good on the skin.

It took us a long time to find factories who appreciate details and importance of workmanship as much as we do. Thanks to the expertise and openness of our producers throughout the working process we were able to achieve impeccable results, that we are truly proud of.


ethical approach

Strong personal relationship with those who make our product is what we truly believe in.

All our pieces are produced in small family-owned factories, located in Northern Italy.

Optimal working conditions,  honest wages, fair treatment of employees and a socially responsible approach to business are our priorities.

from the oceans for the oceans


All of Augustine’s pieces are made using ECONYL quality yarn, a 100% recycled Nylon yarn obtained from pre-and post-consumer nylon waste. 

Abandoned fishing nets, known as ‘ghost nets’, remain in the marine eco system for thousands of years, injuring the sea animals and causing harm to the environment. 

ECONYL regeneration gives new life to this waste, safeguarding the environment and allowing us to make beautiful sustainable garments. 

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