Augustine Amsterdam was born out of a desire to create the perfect fitting bathing suit in a responsible way. That implies slow fashion, with a sustainable production process; based on a 100% recycled Nylon yarn made from up-cycled fisherman’s nets, and ethically made garments that last. 

Direct-to-consumer sales are a smart way to avoid steep retail prices, which is transparently reflected in the moderate online sales prices.

Stemming from a genuine desire to consciously craft gracious products that make women feel great, Maja Krstic’s swimwear naturally oozes a world of careful attention and infinite beauty, femininity meeting confidence and self-consciousness. 

Considering beachwear is worn directly on the skin, she focused on a positive tactile experience as much as ensuring the designs truly embrace the female body, and empower her mood - shaping a woman’s silhouette while still being super comfortable to wear all day, all night.

Augustine Amsterdam combines minimalistic design codes with eco-friendly fabric to create flattering and modern beachwear. We believe in responsible and slow fashion, placing quality over quantity and making an exceptional quality product offered at transparent prices for all to enjoy.

Augustine Amsterdam premium sustainable swimwear brand